Winter bird count on 27 and 28 January 2018


This year again, natur&Űmwelt invites you to participate in the winter bird count, which will take place this year on 27 and 28 January. Get involved and you might win a prize.

Take one hour of your choice on the weekend to observe and count the birds visiting your garden or your balcony. Note the different species as well as their respective number. In order to communicate your results, please use the online report form (including a counting instruction and a picture catalogue of the most common bird species in winter) or download it as a PDF.

- For the link to the online report form, please click here

- To download the report form as a PDF, please click here

- For further pictures of birds in Luxembourg, please click here

- For a list with the birds' names in Luxembourgish, please click here

The main focus of the winter bird count is on common bird species in Luxembourg's gardens. The annual census thus allows us to establish population trends, such as growth or decline, and to monitor the most common bird species over the years. Become active and help us collect important data about the birds all over our country!

In 2017 the blackbird was by far the most common species, being present in almost every winter bird count participant's garden (97%) garden. The tits on the other hand had been conspicuously rare. The great tit was spotted in 80% of the gardens while the blue tit was only present in 69% the gardens. The numerously most important guest on the other hand was the house sparrow.

How has the situation evolved in 2018? Have the tits returned and what influence might the current wet but mild weather conditions have on the occurrence of our garden guests. Help us find out more! At the end of the campaign 10 winners will be drawn. The deadline for participation is 9 February 2018.

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