The foundation natur&ëmwelt Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur is an organization of public interest established in 1982

The principal areas of activity are the acquisition and management of nature reserves, information and awareness campaigns concerning the conservation of nature and biodiversity, studies and scientific research, conservation of forests, carrying out national, inter-regional and European projects with the main objective of the preservation and the restoration of the natural environment.

Donations and legacies allow us to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

The Foundation owns 1200 ha of natural reserves (wetlands, reed beds, grasslands, ponds and bodies of water, oak and beech coppices and woods, hedges, orchards, vineyards and terraces, brownfields and valleys in the Ardennes, …), all of which are rich in biodiversity. The upkeep and management of these habitats is carried out in collaboration with farmers, volunteers or teams of local interest groups.

The Foundation has launched, contributed and participated in numerous large-scale projects and actions, such as:

  • the conservation of wetlands and valleys of the Oesling,
  • the restoration of the pearl mussel population,
  • the restoration of the Alzette near Schifflange to its original state,
  • the action plan for the tall tree orchards,
  • the conservation of nature at the local level.


Board of governors:

  • Patrick Losch, president
  • Claude Meisch, vice-president
  • Jim Schmitz, vice-president and secretary
  • Marie Anne Pissinger, treasurer
  • Roby Biwer
  • Eugène Conrad
  • Frank Erasmy
  • Marco Gaasch
  • Raymond Gloden
  • Marc Heinen
  • Jean-Marie Schmitz




Honorary presidents:

  • Camille Dimmer
  • Frantz Charles Muller






Download: Rapport annuel 2012

Download: Rapport annuel 2013

Download: Rapport annuel 2014

Download: Rapport annuel 2015

Download: Rapport annuel 2016



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21.11 - 17.12 

Exposition: Johan de Crem - artiste peintre et Dominique Rautureau - sculpteur


Vernissage de l'exposition: Johan de Crem - artiste peintre et Dominique Rautureau - sculpteur


Workshop avec Johan de Crem - artiste peintre


Chantier nature: Travaux d'entretien de la station de baguage ornithologique au Schëfflenger Brill


Chantier nature: Nettoyage des nichoirs à Diekirch


Management of Greater Canada goose in Flanders, Belgium



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