Nature education

Regularly school classes as well as other young groups are taking part into nature education workshops in the House of Nature. The Regulus Junior-Club and the Regulus Jugendgrupp, the young activity groups of natur&ëmwelt offer activities during free time as well as further trainings. 


The leitmotif of our activities is the following one: we want to passionate children and young people and together enjoy the nature. Discoveries, sense experiences, entertainment and activities are the core points of our pedagogy. The discovery and knowledge of nature is for children a central benefit.  



Our activities are aimed for school classes as well as for all other young groups. The time of an activity (max. 20 children) is about 2-3 hours.

For school classes (except Luxembourg City) and other children and young people, contact Nickels Sonnie. Phone: 29 04 04 310 or e-mail:

It is also possible to organize many different trainings on different topics related to nature.



- Current program of the Regulus Junior-Club (6-12 years)

- Program for schools: cycle 1

- Program for schools: cycle 2, 3, 4


Department of Education (City of Luxembourg) 

Information for school classes of Luxembourg City. 


Cycle 1 Phone: 4796-6161
Cycles 2, 3, 4 Phone: 4796-6160






16.09 - 28.10 

Permanences mycologiques: les samedis de 18h ŕ 19h30


Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium: Für Naturschutz begeistern - Neue Wege in der Kommunikation


Chantier nature: Travaux d‘entretien au « Lamert » prčs d’Elvange (Mondorf)

06.11 - 09.11 

Workshop: Natürliche Waschmittel selbst gemacht


Chantier nature: Travaux d’entretien „Caper-Gare“


Erliewnis- a Schaffdag am „Bongert Altenhoven“ zu Beetebuerg



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